All at sea with a need for wifi


I want to enable a wifi based Sonos audio system on a boat that will cruise near coastal so it will have 4G and occasional wifi from a marina, recieved using a powered wifi antenna such as Halo.
What would be the best equipment to set this up with.

Thanks, Bobby


Hi Bobby,

Peplink has a range of cellular routers that would suit this description.
It still depends on your budget, the amount of usage, amount of sims, where it is installed (inside or outside).
Have a look on the website here:

If you are planning on using different VLANs, just be aware that Sonos devices need to be on the same VLAN to be able to work together.


Thanks for the response Erik.

I’m not expecting to have multiple VLANs. This is a private yacht and it will only be the owners and their guests that will be streaming to the Sonos.

I am leaning towards the Max BR1-LTE-US-T, but it may be that the MINI would be fine. The equipment will be located inside of the weather.


Please consider the Tranist DUO, that is our go to for this kind of install