Aliases/Objects in FW

Are there any plans to add groups or aliases for firewall destinations and ports?

For example:

I want to create a rule to allow 443 and 80 on 20 different IP address ranges, I would then create an alias for the 20 different address ranges, and an alias for 443 and 80 and instead of having to create 40 rules, I now only have to create one.

I looked around and there have been threads on this, but none of them are recent.

Hello adamh,

We do have a feature on the roadmap that would allow you to define a range of IP addresses to a group. This would allow you to create two firewall rules for the group, one for port 80 and the other for 443, rather than creating 40 rules.

I’m reaching out to the engineers to see if they have an ETA on this feature.


I still haven’t received an update, but I did download a build of the firmware and do see some work on this feature. It may be removed in a future build, but at this point it looks like it should be included in the next firmware release. We do not have an ETA on the release of this firmware.

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Thanks Zach, that is good to hear.

Looks like you can do grouped networks on v8 firmware now. Any chance of adding support to do domain names too?

Also support for grouped networks inside incontrol so it can be deployed would be great too. I currently have 170+ devices, it would be very difficult to manage FW rules without incontrol.