Airstream RV Connect problem

I recently changed a SIM card to have a business account. I am having trouble connecting to att to get WiFI. Local tower was down for a few days but now is working. I have unplugged with no response. Airstream says Pepwave is working. Att says card is active. Any ideas to help me get connected?

What is their definition of working?
When you login to the device what does the dashboard show?

I don’t have anything to login to router. Airstream just said when I gave them the router numbers it was working on their end. On the airstream app when it does show a connection, it says 3G. We move tomorrow s I hope a better signal will help my problems.

I see. As you say waiting to see what happens on the next move is likely the next step. Good luck!

Is this an aluminum Airstream? If so, where do you have your antennas? Just a thought?
Can you not connect an Ethernet cable from your PC to your router? What Peplink device do you have in your Airstream?

Antenna is on top of the trailer. Router is Pepwave mini BR1.

Hi Charlie, you will need to call Airstream and let them know you are trying to change SIM cards.