Airstream Connected - Limited Speed

Hi folks. We purchased the Airstream Connected system back in November. It comes with the Pepwave Max BR1 Mini (MAX-BR1-MINI-LTEA-W). We’ve experienced slow speed, relative to what’s available. It happens, on every Wifi network we connect to, and also with ATT and Verizon. I’m measuring speed via

My product info

Product Code MAX-BR1-MINI-LTEA-W|
Hardware Revision 1

Firmware 8.1.1s033 build 5014
PepVPN Version 9.1.0
A few Examples:

  1. Verizon LTE on the phone at 80mbps - Airstream Connected Verizon SIM 2-3mbps
  2. ATT on phone - same story
  3. Campground Wifi - 30mbps - Airstream Connected <2mbps, often less than .5mbps

I gained access to the router settings, and nothing seems to be amiss. Any ideas? I’ve been troubleshooting with Airstream, ATT and Verizon for months. Airstream offered to do a warranty replacement, but we’re traveling full time, and I can’t find a dealer with one in stock to swap out. It’ll be at least 6-8 weeks. We’re trying to work full time, and are back to using our phones as hotspots.

Thanks for your help.

One more thing. It was suggested that we get an additional off the shelf router and plug into the LAN/WAN port. We tried this with no improvement, and it’s not very functional either as there is no outlet to plug the additional router into conveniently.

What is the plan Airstream is selling? It could be highly deprioritized… Have you compared what band your phone is connecting on when its getting good speeds and tried to lock the Peplink? What type of signals are you seeing? What antenna? How long of a run? etc

Thanks for the reply. It’s the Poynting 5-1 antenna, the regular cable (6 ft I think). We’re expereincing the same issues with ATT, Verizon, and over all WiFi networks when we connect to them. Sorry, but the rest is outside of my expertise.