Airstream Configuration Pepwave Max BR1 Mini LTEA

I have new Airstream with a Airstream Connected package. The Pepwave Max Br1 mini was not configured with Airstream configuration. Sounded like before it left Pepwave this should have been done according to Airstream. Still trying to figure this out. None the less it will not connect to the SIM tied to the device. I have AT&T account setup for Airstream deal. I am able to log into the device - I got AP set up -but cant get Cellular to connect. Constant connecting signal and nothing else. Under cellular details should there be any info about SIMS. There is none. Does anyone have a Airstream config I can look at?

GM @zims. Let me jump in here since you posted 11 hours ago and you don’t have an answer yet. In brief, I must say I do not believe the “before it left Pepwave” part. Normally, if the device is to be pre-configured it would be the responsibility of the Peplink Partner. Not sure what an “Airstream configuration” is.

As to the inability to connect: You don’t see any information as to the SIM such as I show in the image that follows? Highly unlikely it is a hardware issue at this point. What you describe is usually the result of incorrect information being set in the BR1’s configuration, particularly the APN, not using a compatible SIM, etc.

I invite others who may have some knowledge of the “Airstream deal” to answer further (and perhaps correct anything I’ve said.)

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Thanks for answering- the config not in device is what Airstream told me-I’m a little suspect but don’t know their internal processes. The picture is what I was looking for. The AT&T SIM came with the unit and Airstream has serial number locked so InControl2 doesn’t work. But logging in manually I see no info on my SIM page as you show. Yes I set up an account with AT&T with the SIM provided. It looks like the Pepwave is not reading the SIM card. I assume this info would be loaded by virtue of the SIM being in the Slot?

Thanks again for answering.

The image I posted shows the result of a BR1 Mini LTEA having read a SIM in each slot, one AT&T and one T-Mobile. The data on the SIM is read on power-up/reboot. If you are seeing nothing at all, the next step I’d take would be to borrow a “known good” SIM, perhaps from your dealer, and try it in your BR1. “Infant failure” is pretty rare, in our experience, with Peplink/Pepwave products but it can happen.

We need to make certain the SIM is being read before we consider the “config not in the device” issue.

Side note: I’d be curious as to what the supply chain is for these devices to Airstream. I’m wondering if this is one of the cases where the distributor (from whom we purchase) sells directly and bypasses Peplink “Partners.” Anyone know?

I’m a tech guy and I hate leaving things unfinished. But I really dont won’t to spend my money fixing something under warranty. If I had a SIM I would swap but I’m Verizon owner. So I’ll see if I can box up and send back to Airstream and let them work it. I think they get them pre- configured from Pepwave with SIMs with the hope it is plug and play. Once it comes online Airstream can see it with InControl2 on their end.But it appears a step was missed somewhere at the consumers expense .Thanks again for your input

OK. I’d appreciate it if you would return to the Forum and let us know how it was resolved.

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I will thanks

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Hi zims,

My name is Carly and I work with Airstream. We’re very sorry to learn about the issue you are having. Please send me a direct message with your contact information so we can help you get this resolved.

Thank you.

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I have been in contact with Cory Rex at Airstream. He was setting up a replacement router .


Ok, great to know. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any additional assistance!

Waiting on replacement Pepwave Max BR1 mini from Airstream. Slow since Airstream closed for Holidays I’m told.


I received replacement PepWave router from Airstream, transferred my original SIM. Booted up and it connected right away to Cell network. I could no longer login to device since it had Airstreams config on it. So I cant see what shows up now on device. In the end it does what it suppose to and i’m able to connect to internet.