AirPlay not working on Max OTG 6.3.3

Dear All,

I am using a Max OTG 6.3.3 with two VLan and one SSID associated each VLan. The SSID setting are configured through incontrole and Layer2Isolation not activated and Block LAN Access not activated either.
I can see all the devices in their VLan with their IP address, I can connect the device using there IP address within the network.
I can not connect to any device using AirPlay! Evenso I am in the same LocalNetwork

What am I overseeing?


Just to know more on your Airplay setup:

  1. Apple TV is connected to the network using WIFI connection or Ethernet connection ?
  2. Client device is connect different VLAN compare to Apple TV?
    Make sure Bonjour forwarding is enable if the Client device and the Apple TV are connected to different VLAN
  3. How you perform the test , when you say same LocalNetwork also not working ?

Apple TV or other devices are all connected through WiFi. On the same SSID same IP Range (network) and Sam VLan.
The testing:
on my Peplink device I can see under Status->Client all devices well connected.
On my computer or iPhone I can not see any of the AirPlay devices

Just to isolate the issue, can you please move the Apple TV connect using Ethernet connection ?

  1. From a computer that connect using Ethernet, can you see the Apple TV ?
  2. From the IPhone device that connect to the WIFI AP, can you see the Apple TV ?
  1. Being connected I see the airplay
  2. I do not see the airplay using WiFi

This is weird and we have tried the same setup (WIFI and Ethernet) it work for the airplay. Can you please open a ticket here for us to investigate from the device.

Now it is working but I do not know why I changed and played around with Layer2Isolation, Multicast Filter and IGMP Snooping whit knowing what I am doing and what changes made it work.

Good …:+1:

where can i find information on Layer2Isolation, Multicast Filter and IGMP Snooping in digested easy explained way?