AirLink MP70 Pepwave Comparable Unit Needed

I have a customer that is interested in a Sierra Wireless MP70 and I am trying to get him to buy a PW product. Can anyone help me find a model that will comply with the following info?

4x sides pivot drop, wood bench
2’ drop constrained by cable(s)
Verify ability to tolerate mechanical shock when mounted on mobile vehicles.
Verify ability to tolerate typical bench handling shocks.
Verify ability to tolerate typical installation handling shocks.

Dust water resistance:
IP64 standard

Hello mangelo,

We do have two products that are IP67 rated that are EN 61373:2010 certified for Shock and Vibration Resistance. They are the MAX HD2 IP67 and the MAX HD4 IP67. Both of these devices are also IP67 rated. More information about these devices can be found here.

I hope this information helps.

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