Hello So i have a balance 310 and from since i installed it seems to me that my internet has gotten slower…

Initially i had one 2mbps connection and then i added two 3 mbps however my internet speed seems to be the same…any best practices or info you can share?

For Example I have one outbound rule which sends all my email data over the Original Wan connection…I have the algorithm set to priority…now does this still combines all the connection so 2+3+3=8? is that the amt i should get? I know if i do a speed test it will only show the speed of one connection

This is normal because you have set a Priority rule. priority will only use one WAN link ( the one with the highest priority ) if that WAN link fails, the other lower priority WAN link will be automatically used. if you want to have a speed combination of your total bandwidth , you have to create a weighted balance policy and put it above the priority rule or you could remove the priority rule.

it’s better to set the weighted balance rule according to your WAN links speed.

Can i not just set all the WAN link speeds to 10? also if i use a specific outbound rule for a specific port lets say lotus notes 1352 from my router to my smtp server does that then affect entire network performance? do i still need to add a weighted balance?

And also when im connected to the internet does it use the first vailable WAN? or from a client pc it sees all connection as one?

Kelly , it’s recommended to create a weighted balance rule for all protocols to correctly set the WAN links usage ratio. in this case you can set both weights to 10 but because you have a 2Mbps + 3Mbps it’s better to set the ratio something like 7 / 10. but it’s up to you.

if you set a specific outbound rule for a specific protocol like TCP 1352 , it will only affects on that TCP protocols and doesn’t effect other network traffic like Http , ftp , etc.

if you are creating a specific rule for a specific protocol and also you have created a weighted balance rule for all protocols , you have to put that specific rule on the top using drag & drop facility. because upper rules have higher priority than the lower ones.

from a client pc it sees only the Peplink as peplink is the default gateway, then distributing traffic is the Peplink’s job so you feel higher speed because all WAN links will be used at the same time. if you want to see a good result , I’ll recommend you to create an outbound weighted balance rule as explained.