Aggregation, how to make it work.?

. i’m not really sure how pep wave does aggregation, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

All that graph is showing you is the sum of traffic going via all available WANs.

If you want “aggregation” in the sense of bonding multiple WANs together so that you can potentially get a greater throughput or more reliability than from a single WAN then you need to use SpeedFusion, either by connecting your Peplink to a FusionHub or via the SpeedFusion Cloud service.

Otherwise, without SpeedFusion what you will get is session based load balancing where traffic is distributed across all available WANs according to your outbound policy configuration however in this instance if one connection stops working you may have some interruption to traffic whilst those connections reestablish via the remaining working WANs.

What is the end result you are aiming for here? Both approaches are perfectly valid depending on what you are trying to achieve.

Even though I have 2 paths out, one cell one wi-if. It’s rare both work together. This was one of the rare occasions.
I am not using speedFusion, would just like to understand how to have my 2 paths work together when I need the bonding. It’s hit or miss now,

It depends on the parameters you set… for example, latency difference between the WANs, outbound rules, etc. Many variables…