Aggregating two starlinks with LTE backup, w/ Max BR1 Pro 5G

Hi all,
I am running a Ubiquity UDMP connected to a Starlink w/ LTE backup coming from a Max B1 Pro 5G.

However, now I have a second Starlink, and would like to bond it with the first Starlink and failover to LTE.
I don’t think I can do this with two Starlinks plugged into the UDMP.

My new plan:

  • Both Starlinks plugged into the WAN ports of the Pepwave router
  • Starlinks bonded failing over to LTE
  • One cable from the Pepwave into the UDMP

I’ll have to get uptime stats of each link via the Pepwave router.


  • Will the Pepwave be able to do what I am looking for?
  • Is there a Peplink VPN that will make apps run smoothly if we are using these various links?
  • Is there something I’m missing?

thanks !

Whats your use case/reason for two Starlinks?

Howdy, just need more than 10Mbps upload. thanks.

Are you getting double the bandwidth during simultaneous upload speed testing? Does Starlink’s premium or business service offer higher upload or just download?

Hi- I don’t know yet ! I got two in order to experiment. thanks.

Your problem will be that you only have 1 wired wan.

With your Br1 pro you can connect one directly to the ethernet adapter in bypass mode. You can use wifi as wan for the second starlink. with LTE as the 3rd wan.

I found WI-FI as wan to the starlink square wifi to be not too stable over 100’ from the base station 5Ghz was quite unstable and 2.4, less so.

Alternative to using the wifi as wan on the br1 pro 5g, you could use that remotely and replace the home setup with a balance two with a max adapter. This would allow two wired wans and a usb max adapter for cellular. We are a peplink partner, let me know how I can help.

I’m trying to combine my 5G T-Mobile Router (ethernet), Starlink Dish (wifi), Verizon 4G LTE hotspot (sim card) into a single bonded network to upload streaming video. Similar to your use case, what have you learned ?