Aggregating multi peplink balance routers


Hi. I have 2 balance 1350 and 1 balance 710 in a single location (lan). All wan ports are connected to 33 dsl connections. Can i aggregate these balance routers so that they can share their multi wan with each other?



I am assuming the DSL is the only available service in the environment, so you want to load balance all these 33 DSL lines, and each of the DSL lines should be relatively low bandwidth (eg. < 20Mbps download/upload speed per line).

If my understand correct, you may need to consider upgrade the Balance 710 to Balance 1350, with proposed solution shown below.

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Hi, Can a Balance 1350 handle 3000 workstations?



The Balance 1350 is recommended for 1000 - 5000 users environment, you may refer to this link for more details of our Balance series.

BTW, from my previous suggested setup, you should applied Weighted Balance algorithm to maximize the WAN utilization. More on the outbound load balance algorithm can be found here.

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What’s max users environment for a mediafast 500b?



50 - 500 users. Anyway this is recommendation for sizing purposes only.