After plugged in Ready Light will not turn from red to green

Borrowed a PepWave Surf On The Go from a friend. Plugged it in, connected it to my Verizon modem using an 8 foot USB cable and all the lights tuned green and I was successful in getting wireless signal all throughout my house.

Bought my own PepWave Surf On The Go and plugged it in. The Verizon access manager sees the new PepWave but will not connect to the internet. The Ready light is still red. I inserted a paperclip into the small hole on the left and reset the box. The lights went off and then back on as expected, but the Ready light will not turn green and remains red.

Any ideas on how to get the ready light to turn green?

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I have the Surf otg and it has been great. I would try to reset it again. There has been a time or two that I reset it a couple of times. Unplug it, plug it back in and reset with paper clip. Be sure and do the reset with nothing plugged in. Just the power of course.

What Verizon modem do you have? Just curious.

Do you able to login to the SOTG device via the default IP ?

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Was not able to get to the setup page for setting it up in Cellular mode.

Getting stuck at this point:

  1. Using your wireless-capable computer or other device, locate the
    Surf’s default SSID and connect. By default, your Surf’s SSID will be
    PEPWAVE_####, where #### is the suffix of the device’s MAC address. For
    more information on locating and connecting wirelessly to Internet access
    points with your device, see your device’s operating manual.

Can’t determine which MAC address to use. Went into CMD prompt and typed in "ipconfig /all to get the list of MAC addresses.

The Physical Address for the Wireless LAN adapter is 9C-AD-97-15-76-C5

If I type PEPWAVE_76C5 into the browser, it tells me that I am not connected to the internet.

Using my Verizon modem, it is connected to the SOTG device. The Verizon Access Manager sees the PEPWAVE and shows that it is connected. Cannot access the internet though.

Not sure how to get to the Cellular Mode Setup page.

Think there’s been a slight confusion on this step.
You need to be looking for the SSID broadcast by the Surf through WiFi. The MAC is from the Surf not your own device and is used to identify which Peplink device you’re connecting to. Providing there’s only 1 device you have at your location it should be the only pepwave_xxxx SSID. This is broadcast by default.

Then after you are connected to the SSID, go to a web browser and go to the surf’s default IP and you should be able to access it.