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I would like to be advised on the best way to do bonding. Below is the scenario:
CELLULAR----------------------UBR LTE

Is it good to bond the three in High Priority 1 ?
I would need your candid and the best advise on this please.

You have shared no information. What are you trying to achieve?

Please I wanted to know if its advisable to bond WAN, CELLULAR and WIFI WAN together in high priority 1
and achieve a good result.

My answer would be “maybe” or “probably.” One must pay attention to differences in latencies and the throughput of the different WANs. Peplink provides useful guidance in its WhitePaper which is worth reading. Typically terrestrial WANs do not vary in performance to a huge degree over short periods of time but cellular may. And wi-fi-as-WAN runs the gamut from excellent to horrible/useless. My advice would be to try it and start with “dynamic weighted bonding.” Some diddling with parameters will likely be required to optimize. My experience is that bonding the connections will mitigate packet loss and protect against WAN outages but the degree to which an increase in throughput will be achieved will be largely determined by the nature of your WANs and your settings. As to the latter, we have some sterling examples where the throughputs were summed in “textbook” fashion and others where the differences in WANs was so great it was impossible to aggregate bandwidth in any manner.

you are still not explaining what you want to achieve.

bonding together varying WANs can have benefits and it can have consequences.

there are many ways to bond WANs together and leverage multiple WANs

do you just care about speed? for what type of applications? or reliability of connection? for what type of applications.

please explain your use case.

Thanks for responding. This is requested for purely FB streaming and VOIP calls.

so then you likely want to use Speedfusion Smoothing not bonding. read up on it, and past threads. its easy to setup, and works wonders when you have unstable WANs, joining multiple together to create a stable WAN. just note that packets get duplicated so if you have bandwidth caps, you must configure efficiently.

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You guys are great :slight_smile: Please any video on Speedfusion Smoothing?