Advices for My first Speedfusion Setup

Im new to the whole speedfusion thing and want to setup a test site before I take this further. I dont have the possibility to set up a VM for using Fusion Hub right now but from what I understand this can also be solved in hardware instead right? Which is the “cheapest” or most inexpensive way to do this by hardware? Is it only the balance routers which supports this or Is there a complete list with which devices that support speedfusion?

In my case right now I have only 1 site with a single HD2 Dome. It would be interesting to use Fusion Cloud for this but unfortunately there is a vast amount of data that is going through these LTE connections so I believe it would be much cheaper for me to create my own tunnel which taps into the Gbit fiber in my home office. Is this possible and with what equipment?

Lets say I then have 3 different locations with each a HD2 dome, can they connect to the same Speedfusion hardware in my home office and all three use the same internet connection?

Any help here would be much appriciated! :slight_smile:

You don’t need a speefusion enabled device to terminate the tunnel to since you only have a single connection at home. I think the SOHO is the cheapest device that I would suggest you using.

However you’ll want to pick a device that achieves your goals? Why did you buy the HD2 Dome is it speed or reliability? If its speed then you’ll want a device in your office which supports a good amount of VPN throughput. If its reliability then the SOHO can do 40MBps of un encrypted VPN throughput. Or get a balance 30 pro that can do 120MBps of unencrypted VPN throughput.

There are two comparison pages that will help you see the throughput values at a glance.

Not sure why you wouldn’t run a Fusionhub in vultr for $5/month though?

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Hi Martin,
I think you have answered in every single thread I have written here, great service, thanks :slight_smile:

My main interest is hot failover in case one of the LTE modems drops out as this tends to break some VPN connections and VOIP. I suppose running fusion hub on vultr is more robust and safer than running it through my home office ofcourse, and I didn’t know it was that cheap actually (compared to peplink fusion Cloud for instance)
Although $5/month is for 1 TB bandwidth and the dome is actually passing through at least 4 TB data monthly so that is why Im thinking about HW alternatives. But I guess you could just buy/renew the server after the badwidth is reached? Do you know? I will look into this further anyway.

What type of throughput could you expect when running the vpn with/without encryption between the dome and vultr?

Ha! I obviously have far too much time on my hands…

its $40/month for a VM with 4TB allowance at Vultr. Or $20/Tb if you go over your allocated allowance.

Impossible to say. I have seen a $5 vultr server do 650MBps though…