Advice in outbound policy peplink 710

Hi everyone
kindly i need your advice to put a very well rules to my load balance peplink 710 , i have 2 WAN’s connection (ISP’s):
WAN_1= 20 MB
WAN_2= (40 MB external traffic + 40 MB google traffic ) as a total 80 MB.

currently, i have put 2 rules :

  1. i forced google traffic to my second wan as shown below

  2. second rule that is default which i used weighted algorithm

by using these 2 rules the bandwidth of WAN1 is saturated while on WAN2 no exceed 35 MB as shown in MRTG.

i really appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance.


Can you share the screenshot of all your Outbound Policy rules? Please open ticket for us to do checking if this is sensitive.

Thank you.

kindly here is snapshot for all outbound policy


1. Can you please confirm whether IP range belong to Google ? Base on the Whois IP lookup, the IP address is belongs to AL-SARD FIBER. If the defined IP address is invalid range, this will cause the defined outbound policy doesn’t match to the Google Traffics.

inetnum: -
netname: IQ-AL-SARD-20100525
descr: AL-SARD FIBER Co. for Internet Fiber and Optical Cable Services /Ltd.
country: iq
admin-c: IA3282-RIPE
tech-c: KK4687-RIPE

Step to obtain Google IP address ranges:

Beside that, we will advice to change the Google Traffics using outbound policy algorithm “Priority”. This will allow Google Traffics fail-over to other WAN.

2. You should have HTTPS persistent rule for the outbound policy. This will make sure some HTTPS connections that require to maintain connection persistency.

Overall, you should have the following outbound policy:

3. After defined the proper Google Traffics/HTTPS Outbound policy, if you still find WAN1 is saturated for long periods of times, do consider to lower the WAN1 “Load Distribution Weight”.

Thank You

i really appreciate your kind support
for Point 1 , yes our ISP (AL-SARD FIBER) provide us their google traffic IP address.
for Point 2 i did the required let’s monitor it.

Thanks in advance


Can you please move the HTTPS Persistent outbound policy below the Google Traffics ? This to make sure “Google Traffics” doesn’t overwrite by the HTTPS Persistent policy. Please follow the sequence as given.

Thank You

okay i moved it and i will monitor the B.W, Thanks a lot