Advice adding a UTM firewall into the mix (with pics)

Hey all,

I have a question on how best to add and setup a hardware firewall into my existing network setup WITHOUT using drop in mode. My Balance 305 manages all routing/dhcp/vlans etc and i am quite happy to leave that be. I am considering adding a UTM but i don’t want it to manage DHCP/VLANS/AP and after a lot of research i think it’s possible but not 100% clear how to configure the firewall to work within this setup (yet to purchase the firewall, i want to know if its possible first).

Here is my brief visual of my current network topology

This is what i am considering:

  • Cable the balance LAN into the Firewall WAN.
  • Cable the Firewall LAN into the main switch

Is this correct?

Then do i set the firewall NAT off/bridge it? This is where i am getting very fuzzy. (pls help)

I am considering a Sophos firewall or possibly something similar, if it can’t be achieved with sophos.

Thank you for any expertise shared and your precious time

Yes your proposed topology is right. You’ll need the Sophos NG in bridge mode:

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Thanks Martin, for replying and confirming.

That video link is very helpful too.

Looking forward to giving it a spin.

All the best!

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