Advanced -> outbound policy missing when single WAN available limits functionality

This weekend I needed to move a machine from a network with a MAX BR1 which has Ethernet WAN, Cellular WAN, and WiFi WAN, to a MAX BR1 Mini which only has Cellular WAN and no other WAN options enabled.

The older BR1 has only the Ethernet WAN and Cellular WAN active, both as Priority 1 links, with PepVPN to a fusionhub instance in the cloud.

The newer BR1 mini has the Cellular WAN active, with PepVPN to the same fusionhub instance in the cloud.

VPN traffic has been functional and stable for months.

The problem I experienced is that the older BR1 router lets me set an outbound policy for that computer so that all traffic from its IP address could be forced out the PepVPN link. The newer BR1 mini router lacks the outbound policy link in the advanced configuration, so I was unable to force a single computer over the PepVPN link for all traffic. (This is the only machine that requires an inbound port mapping, so that’s the easiest way to give it a public IP.) Unfortunately, to work around the issue, I had to change the BR1 mini to send all traffic over the PepVPN link. At the moment, the computer in question is the only item on that network, but I want that to change, and I’d rather not send all the traffic for all computers via the PepVPN.

I am assuming that someone figured “hey, it only has one WAN link, so outbound policy doesn’t make sense” during development. But as you can see, having the ability to shove some machines over the PepVPN link and others go direct is a useful feature. Any chance that might make it into a firmware update?


Outbound policy is still there its just under PepVPN section below the Send ALl Traffic To section:

Thanks again Martin.

Any idea why it’s inconsistent between the BR1 and BR1 mini? Honestly, when the UI looks the same between various models (I have a BR1, BR1 mini, Transit, and Transit Duo, and a fusionhub instance), I really expect to find the same feature in the same place on all the units.

Yeah I hear you.

I think it’s a UI thing when there is only one WAN. Pretty sure that when licensed to Multi-WAN the BR1 Mini gets a outbound policies section as you’d expect.