Administering BR1 when connected as failover

I have a Balance One with primary ISP on WAN1 and a MAX BR1 serving as Backup Priority Group 1 on WAN2. The BR1 appears as “Cold Standby”. It all seems to work. When I pull the WAN1 cable the failover to WAN2 (BR1) works and clients on the Balance One LAN are still served.

What I cannot figure out is how to administer the BR1 from a Balance One client now that the BR1 is in the rack. I cannot connect to the BR1 default address of when I am on the LAN side of the Balance One like I can when I am on the LAN side of the BR1. Is there a way to access the administration of the BR1 from the Balance One LAN side without plugging directly into the BR1 LAN side?

You may enforce subnet to WAN2. Please find the screenshot below.