Admin password requirements...LOL

What is Pepwave thinking, forcing password requirement for admin login??

Only company in world to remove ability to set whatever password user want? I am consumer, WPS is enough protection and complex password is problem for other users access admin console

Is bad joke, yes? Please revert mass stupidity!

Are you serious?


Hello @Rahim_Agarwal,
We are curious as to what old technology systems and standards are you using as your reference for security, are you still using standards from the nineteen hundreds?

In defence of Peplink/Pepwave, they are doing nothing less than applying the most up to date industry standards and best practices, would you expect anything less?

There are cases after cases littering the internet of systems that were running on default usernames and passwords getting compromised. Hackers easily abuse compromised systems, and the majority of systems breached could have been avoided. Most breaches are due to uneducated or lazy individuals not changing the default passwords to something more secure & unique & complex. Did you mean to by the nature of your attack on Peplink/Pepwave imply that you are neither educated or up to date on modern security and best practices getting deployed throughout the industry by all major manufactures and ISPs? Do you want to be a participant in the next wave of internet breaches? Do you wish for Peplink/Pepwave and other vendors around the world to let happen more systems and security breaches?

As a minimum, any supplied ISP modem/router, consumer modem/router or professionally supplied modem/router should now be forcing the end-user to change the admin password from its factory default to a complex password.

Naturally, if you wish to use older standards and put yours and others systems at risk, then that is your prerogative, you are welcome to be in the minority of the world running in the former technology and security space. The majority of us prefer our safer and improved upgrades protecting all of our families, friends, clients and in large the general community of the world wide web and the internet.

Are you willing to back up this quote an to put evidence of publicly published articles from major publications and examples from the other major manufacturers (including consumer) showing how reducing the need for internet security is a good thing? If so, then please share, else you owe Peplink/Pepwave a genuine public apology as your attack is truly unfounded and shows a lot about you as an individual and how you are complacent on the responsibility of all to help make the internet safer for everyone.

There are many reasons not to use WPS and lots of manufacturers are reducing support for it. Many newer modems/routers supplied by ISPs no longer offer the WPS feature. Here is some light reading from reputable sources on WPS.

If you don’t like the Peplink/Pepwave equipment with improved firmware, then choose to:

  • Rollback to an older firmware version and accept the risks it brings to you.
  • Return the router to your point of purchase and then buy a second hand less secure product from somewhere else and be content with older equipment and older features.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: