Additional WAN ports

I am running a MaxTransit as a primary router. This device has only one external WAN port. I have a couple of BR1’s that I would like to connect so there is access to multiple ISPs. I also have a Balance One that isn’t currently used.

My question to the forum is: can the Balance One be connected to the MaxTR so that the MaxTR remains primary (better performance) and the Balance One is a secondary router to which the BR1s are attached to provide additional Internet access… tks

When you say “connect” I’m not exactly certain what you mean. But I’ll offer this: We have a number of customers (and ourselves) who use Balance routers with BR1s connected to one or more WAN ports. While Peplink has some very capable routers (e.g., 20X, 310X) that have integrated cel modems sometimes the location of the Balance device is not conducive to communication with cellular networks (e.g., in basements or in the middle of a commercial building.) In this case one would place the BR1 in IP-Passthrough mode and connect the BR1’s LAN port to one of the Balance’s WAN ports.

Does that help?

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Thanks Rick. By “connect” I am asking the configuration required for this to work. I assume that I would connect the WAN port from the MaxTR to a LAN port on the BOne, with the BR1s connected to the BOne WAN ports. I would like to see all the WAN connections in this network on the MaxTR Dashboard so they can be managed. Is this possible and what configuration settings on each router is required to make this work… Tks.

That’s right.

No it is not. The MAX Transit will only see a single active WAN - that of the Balance One. But traffic sent to the balance one will be load balanced.

What you could do is enable wifi WAN on the transit and connect to the wifi LAN of the Balance one.
IN fact I would likley set up multiple SSIDs on the balance one - an SSID per WAN, then I could select which BR1 I wanted to see and use on the Transit by connecting to it on the Dashboard of the Transit.

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Thanks Martin, that makes sense. I guess I could eliminate the Balance One altogether (we have the model without WiFi) and use the BR1 wifi to connect to Max Transit… as the transit has two radios I could connect both BR1s to the Max transit via WiFi and see them on the Dashboard to be able to load balance and use in speedfusion. Does that sound doable… tks