Additional IPs on MAC-restricted ISP

We recently got and set up a Balance 210 and I configured our 2 internet connections and got everything working fine. On one of our connections we get 5 static IPs but I can’t use the other 4 since that ISP associates the static IPs to specific MAC addresses, and I don’t see a way in the WAN “additional IPs” config to assign different MAC addresses to individual additional IPs.

Is there a way to do this with firmware 6.1.2 build 1597? Or will these extra static IPs have to remain unused?


That is weird they do it that way. You will need to define the additional IP’s for the WAN connection and then you would need to do a 1 to 1 NAT mapping to the internal device that you want to use the static IP for. The internal device will still have a NAT’d IP address but this should work.