Adding Web Site Logging/Parental Controls/etc. to Peplink Balance 20

Hello all.

A while ago, I got some great help from you folks. Thanks for that! Our peplink 20 has been working fine ever since.

Recently, we’ve gotten into a situation where we think somebody was using our network to do things that were not business related. I went to see if there was a simple way to log all the web traffic, or to set up some sort of parental controls (… ugh… I wish I didn’t have to use the term ‘parental controls’ where we are all adults capable being responsible).

Unfortunately, I can’t find anything straight forward… so I thought of inserting some sort of firewall between the peplink and our network… but, that would have it’s own set of issues – for instance, could I simply put a Linksys router there and use the parental controls on that? Or will that kill my network?

Right now, our peplink handles the balancing, VPN and is acting as a DHCP server.

Any ideas on how I should go ahead would be greatly appreciated.


A 3rd party device on the inside would work. This is not uncommon as many schools who use our gear will have there own filtering equipment.

Otherwise you can create a Firewall Event Logging rule. You would create a FW rule for all traffic and in the rule check “Event Logging”. This will capture all traffic which will be seen in the Event Log. If you know of a specific IP, then you can specify the source address to dial things down. NOTE: We do not recommend leaving event logging on for long periods of time as it is CPU intensive.

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I get that the Peplink cpu loading would be heavy if it was logging everything.

We have two DSL modems hooked up to our Peplink and from there we go to a couple large switches and a Cisco wireless access point. Also, I have a couple wireless routers that we use so I only have to run one LAN cable to the shop and hook up 3 computers to it. Currently, we have the DHCP disabled on those routers, and it’s hooked up to the rest of the network using one of the LAN ports.

So, if I was to use one of thse routers (say a Linksys) as my ‘firewall’, would I hook the WAN port of the router to one of the LAN ports of the Peplink? And then I would have to disable the DHCP on the Peplink, but enable it on the lynksys?


May I know the network behind Peplink is running Layer 2 (all PC and network devices are having same IP subnet)? You may use Peplink as DHCP server if this is true.

You my connect Linksys router (as firewall) to Peplink’s LAN port.

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