Adding second SIM

I’ve been attempting to search for this information but I cannot seem to even find the manual for our Pepwave MAX BR1. I was not the original installer of our device but when we purchased it, it was setup to run on Verizon. As I see that it has a second SIM card slot, we’d like to add an AT&T SIM because AT&T actually provides superior service in most of the areas we operate, but would like the best of both worlds. My question seems to me like it should be simple but since I don’t have a manual nor do I have experience with making changes with this device, I’m asking you here. First, what kind of SIM card will I need from AT&T? I’m assuming just a standard SIM. Is there any further action beyond sticking the SIM into the slot to activate it?

Hi Ron,

Do note that MAX BR1 only support 1 active cellular connection at 1 time. The second SIM slot is for redundancy purposes. That mean the the redundant cellular SIM only will be activated when the primary SIM fail to get connected.

Again you can define the preferred SIM slot for the active cellular connection. For more information, please refer to the attached screenshot.

If you require to have both active cellular WAN connections then you may need to get a device that can support multiple active cellular WAN:

For user manual, you can download using the URL below:

Thank You