Adding Second Router To use VLAN network from Balance One

I have the Balance One router, the latest one with Wifi. I am trying to use another router for for my family to utilize the internet while I use the Balance One for my personal use. What would be the best way to go about setting this up?

I tried to connect the router #2 utilizing one of the ports specific to a VLAN that the family is currently using. Router #2 I disabled DHCP and gave it a static ip address within that VLAN range. No luck as of yet.

Do I need to use the original network of the router for this to work?

Why use a second router? You have everything you need in the Balance One.

Seems like you already created a VLAN, just create another wireless network and assign it to your vlan. Enable layer 2 isolation and disable inter vlan routing and you’ll have a completely segregated network.

If you need wired access in your vlan, you’ll have to run a switch to a vlan enabled port on the balance One.

But if you insist on using another router, plug it’s WAN port into a trunk vlan port on the balance One.

Make sure it’s WAN is set to DHCP so it should assign an IP to your second router.

Make sure to use a different subnet on your second router with dhcp enabled.

If enabling WIFI on the second router, use different channels and ssid names than your main Balance One AP to avoid conflicts and interference.

But if it were me, I’d stick with just using the Balance One. Simpler to manage.

Thanks. The problem is the family has been having “issues” with the WiFi from the Balance one, originally, and now even with the added AP one. In any case, I want to use our ISP provided router since there were “no issues” in the short time we used it.

Was really hoping I could have had a device where the ISP connection goes to the device, then I can connect both routers that are connect to ports segegrated from each other so it could create two different networks. Wanted to avoid using the ISP router connecting to my Balance One router.

Maybe it’s best just to buy a consumer AP and have it connected to a port setup with the VLAN for the family?

I think you might be more satisfied with the outcome of filing a support ticket, as this sounds resolvable through finding the ideal combination of configuration settings for your hardware.

Whatever these “issues” are, there’s a much much higher probability of your hardware’s configuration settings being the cause of the undesired connectivity-related behavior than the causes being attributable to flaws in the hardware and/or firmware of your router (let alone flaws in BOTH your router And your access point)…

Just a friendly suggestion.

Thank you for the suggestion. That’s why I put issues in parenthesis becuase I don’t experience issues aside from your basic restarting or reconnecting wifi etc. Since the family is not tech savvy, they want speed and stable connection. Also, the balance one only runs at 600MB when we have 1GB of speed from our ISP.

I just want them to have there own network with our ISP router if possible since it capable of producing 1GB.

Just an FYI, about plugging one router into another

As for your specific case, you lost me at Router #2. Not sure what you meant by that. I use the terms inner router and outer router.