Adding external links into InControl2

InControl2 mapping is a really useful tool for managing a large estate, you can view where a Peplink router is and click thought to all its info and reports.
What would make this even more useful if you could click through to an external URL on the device’s main page.
Please see 3 attached images for how we envisage this item being introduced, used and managed.

Use case example: IP Camera page link

  1. you might have 10 cameras on a site and you can click through to the camera management group direct from IC2
  2. You can scroll on the map to the relevant location and click through to your webpage that lists all the cameras on a site (image IC2 URL Idea.jpg)
  3. This can also be viewed on the device’s dashboard (image IC2 URL Idea2.jpg)
  4. It is managed from the Edit details link (image IC2 URL Idea3.jpg)

This extends the IC2 competency beyond the Peplink family and makes IC2 into a larger management tool.



Hi Rory,
We add links to device note fields for stuff like this as it automatically adds a hyper link to URLS:

Its really useful as you can see the notes field both in group view by hovering over the notepad icon or in the device details view:



I’ve used to convert a local camera address link behind a Peplink to a clickable link in the notes section. does not get identified as a URL in IC2
so using I get a link that is recognised as a clickable URL and I can now access a local IP Camera

Has anyone got any other tricks and tips for this feature?

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I’ve added in a Skype for Business meeting link to this group - cannot work out if it is possible to dial direct to a person though using SfB.
Also the “tel:” and “mailto:” commands sadly do not work - it’d be great to dial directly to a site contact from the Notes area.

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Thanks for your feedback. We will soon make the note field to be able to “linkify” , tel:, mailto:, ssh:, and ftp:. Stay tuned.


This is excellent news, thanks for the update Michael!

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The good news is that linkifying those URLs has been supported. Check it out! :smiley: