Adding endpoint to excisting speedfusion vpn hub

Hi. I’m new to peplink. We have our own newly installed incontrol. We have set up a speedfusion hub and during the creation of the profile we added the endpoint routers. Thats fine and it works good, but i am unable to add more endpoints. Isnt this possible? Do i have to create a new profile? If there is a menu for adding endpoints can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hi Kse,

Once you create the endpoint on speedfusion connect if you have other devices in the same incontrol2 group you can set the outbound policy to also use the speedfusion connect.

Can you please send some screenshots?


If I am correct in saying you are using the SDX pro as the headend unit and want to connect multiple endpoints to the SDX Pro? If this is correct you can configure this under the speefusion VPN tab in Incrontol2. I advise to keep all devices in the same group for ease of management.

SpeedFusion Tab

Select Star

Add the hub device. Make sure it has a static IP

Then select the endpoint devices you want to connect to the SDX Pro

Proceed with creating the VPN profile.

Hope this helps.