Adding an additional quota to Captive Portal clients

Background and use case:

  • WiFi system with a transient population
  • A base allocation (e.g., 500MB/day) provided to each new user
  • When a user hits the cap, the user may be granted additional capacity (e.g., another 500 MB) prior to the reset of the cap.

How to achieve this?
I thought it could be a matter of issuing more than one token, once the first one was exhausted another token could be issued and the user would provide that, gaining another resource installment.

Once the “bandwidth quota limit exceeded” message is displayed, none of the login options (e.g., providing a new, unused token) seem to work. The response simply circles back to the same error message.


Hi Zegor,
It is suggested that you create another new profile which ONLY support Token Access. You will be able to use another new token if your old token quota limit exceeded.