Add y-axis scale on Status -> "Real-Time" on Balance

The status → Real-Time report page is extremely useful to health check a site in a glance. However, I can see no scale on the y-axis of passing time, would be really useful to add t-5m, t-10m or whatever the time space between the axis flags are. These wouldn’t need to change so may be less effort to add.

An alternative would be to update a marker under each axis point with the time when the data above it was recorded. Clearly that would need to update with each new update of the data but would be really useful when screenshotting etc.

A third approach would be when you click on a data point (that currently displays upload and download) to also display the time when the data was recorded. This would be great for cross referencing peak events to other logs/devices.


This is possible, to some extent - you can select the “Daily” usage and then click on the appropriate day to see the high data users for that day:-

The click on the day to see more detailed information about individual client usage:-

You can click on the headings (Eg Download) to sort the client data by highest download etc.

I hope this helps,



Thanks, that is helpful. You can get similar on Hourly (which is a great example of how to label a rendered y-axis with time going backwards over the day) but these reports just have totals for that time and can’t distinguish between bursts that saturate in short peaks and steady (less contentious) downloads.

Real-Time is really useful for that but currently lacks a label on the y-axis.