Add users in incontrol


how to add users in in-control clouds seems cant find.


hello ignore this post i see it now :slight_smile: thanks

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I need some help in that regard, I see how to add a person as admin etc. I add their email address but when they try to sign into the dashboard they are unable to because they dont get a password

Hi @Kedon_Luke,

They need to sign up for an InControl 2 account first.
You can find the sign up page here: InControl 2.


Thanks for the quick response bro, I really appreciate the assistance.


I hope it helped!
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Hello @Kedon_Luke,
Just to extend on what @Joey_van_der_Gaag has mentioned.

If you have already added to person into InControl2, then they will get an email with a unique link, if the email has gone missing, then this is what they can do.

Go to the URL of

Choose the Reset next to “Forgot your password?”

Get them to enter their email address and select the blue Send button
Then ask them to lookout for the new email with the Password reset option.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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