Add "switch to SIM B" button


Hi Team,

Please consider adding “switch to SIM A/B” button on MAX devices… We don’t have such tool currently. We can either change preferred SIM and wait until the modem changes SIM to preferred, and that sometimes just doesn’t happen, or use “SIM A/B only” which is quite risky if there is an issue with the backup SIM.

What I am trying to achieve is changing SIM instantly without risking loosing the connection when the other SIM fails.


Swap sim button

Do you want this displayed on the main dashboard so you would get some boxes you can select for each modem e.g. Force SIM A for at least 10 minutes

Sadly, it is not possible to not maintain an cellular connection on an individual modem while switching between SIMs as the switch requires that modem to reboot and connect to the cellular network in a separate session and even possible a different network.
If you require a constant session, a multi modem router utilising SpeedFusion will help over come the issues mentioned above.



I do not require constant session. It is normal that the single-modem device looses connection while changing the SIMs.

What I need is a toggle to switch between the SIMs.
Currently there are two ways to achieve that:

  • changing preferred SIM - but doesn’t always work for some reason,
  • using “SIM A/B only” - this is risky because if the desired SIM fails, you loose connection - the device won’t switch to the first SIM.

If I had this toggle I could easily switch between SIMs and if the desired SIM fails, the health check mechanism will discover it and switch back to the other SIM.


A button somewhere next to a cellular connection at the dashboard, right? It’s like a toggle switch… every time it’s pressed, the router switches over to the other SIM.


That’ right :slight_smile:


+1 for this feature, when diagnosing it would be helpful :slight_smile:


Hi all,

Thanks for your feature request and this has been submitted to the engineering team. We will review this feature request.


Hello team,

Could you add a “swap sim” button on the Cellular Details interfaces for easy changing which card should be active? Today we need to force towards sim B, then after come back to the config and remove the forced config. Unnecessary pains…

Thanks !


+1 for this feature.
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Another +1 from us for this feature