Add schedule to cellular wan standby state

We would like to add a schedule to cellular wan standby state
During location operating hours (example 8a-5p) we want the state to be remain connected.
During location after hours(example 5p-8a) we want the state to be disconnect.
This would allow it to still enable the wan after hours if the primary internet fails, but reduce cellular usage after hours.
In effect, we are asking that the same ability to set a schedule is available for the "CONNECTION PRIORITY and STANDBY STATE settings.

Example Mock-up:


I think we would make use of this. quick calculation shows it would save us about $1.20 per month per device. Multiply by 800 devices and that starts to add up.

During working hours we need cellular up so speedfusion can snap traffic over based on latency etc. But after hours we could have it in cold standby.


Do you think this meets your requirement?

I create a schedule to bring down the standby cellular WAN between 18:30-19:00 every day.

I tie the created schedule to standby cellular WAN.

The system time of my Transit is at 18:43

The standby cellular WAN is down between 18:30-19:00.

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The goal is to have fast move during hours and slow recover if no wan after hours.
If completely scheduled down then if we needed to do after hours maintenance and the wan is down then we wouldn’t be able to get back in to the device.


Can you look at this again.

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Already feasible but a bit brutal:

Bulk configurator + scheduler and you can do basically whatever you want…

The limitation, of course, being that one must IC2. :neutral_face:

then push a config update via API from your LAN ?

Hmmm. I suppose it would be possible. But it seems the suggestions made by @Jonathan_Pitts and @jmpfas make a great deal of sense. We would use the feature if presented as suggested.

The goal is to reduce cellular usage off hours, come back up right away if the primary wan goes down.
The scheduled wan down would not come back up if the primary wan went down and that’s the issue.
I also want to keep the vpn’s up during the whole time if I’m pushing a new config then this isn’t possible.

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In summary you need to schedule the standby WAN in hot standby (Remain connected) or cold standby (Disconnect) based on defined scheduler.

Supposedly you can put the standby WAN in cold standby but when P1 WAN is down, the cold standby WAN (Disconnect) may take sometimes to get connected (Few seconds up to minute depend WAN type). This is the reason why you need to have the scheduler to put it in standby WAN connected/disconnected based on the scheduler.

Like @Venn said, this is really a harsh feature and Engineering team will consider the feasibility. As for now no detail info from Engineering team.

@sitloongs @Keith

Currently the schedule only allows for it to be either
Enabled which then checks the checking standby state of (Remain connected or Disconnect)
Disabled (Scheduled down)

What we need is
Enabled which then checks the checking standby state of (Remain connected or Disconnect)
Disabled with option of (Scheduled Disconnect or Scheduled down)
This would on off-peak hours (for us) change the state from remain connected to disconnect or cold standby.

This allows us to continue to reduce cellular data after hours , but also have the added protection that it will become available again should the primary wan go off line.

In summary for our need cold standby is still a lot better then scheduled down during non-peak hours.

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