Add real time traffic up/down on active sessions detail

I am having an issue right now where one of my B710s has heavy up and down BW usage. Normally it would run 3-5 M up and down. Is is running around 15-20M up and down.
But…status->client list does not show any high traffic (total of all is in fact that normal 3-5M)
status->speedfusion does not show any connections with high traffic, and total seems normal (although with 300 VPNs it is a bitch to see total)
Active sessions looks normal.
Basically, there the only place to see total traffic is on the dashboard, and there is no place to see detail.
Would it be possible to add real time up/down traffic to the active sessions detail? so you could drill down on a type or an interface and see the traffic per session? It would not have to be refreshing - a snapshot would be fine

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