Add PepVPN/Speedfusion rate to Usage Reports section

It would be nice to see the amount of capacity being utilized by the PepVpn/Speedfusion VPN tunnels on the WAN interfaces in the “Status” → “Usage Reports” section of the UI.

Having an additional flyout under the “Data transferred since last reboot” section per WAN connection would be nice.

For each graph either overlaying the VPN related capacity over the WAN interface or have the “Avg” up/down and “Peak” up/down graph colors stack.

I know that I can get the detail charts on each VPN/Interface by clicking on each SpeedFusion/PepVPN interface individually in the “Status” → " PepVPN|SpeedFusion" section, however having it there on the Usage Reports section would be a handy feature.

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Actually you can get the PepVPN usage in Status => Usage Reports => Hourly / Daily / Monthly, click the hyperlink of each hour / date, you will see there is a “PepVPN Usage” tab in the popup dialog.

If you want to see the PepVPN usage details in the chart, you’ll need to select Direction “Upload” or “Download” then you’ll get what you need.

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Thanks for the reply Steve! I do appreciate it.

The PepVPN usage tab does in-fact show me the aggregate usage of the VPN it leaves it up to me to determine the percentage that was contributing.

It was very subtle when I selected “Download” and “Upload” to see the PepVPN overlay, but that was much more what I was after. It would be nice to be able to designate one or more PepVPN/SpeedFusion tunnels as “WAN” connections to allow them to show up in RealTime and the drop-down selector as well. But you’ve helped me find what I was interested in seeing and thank you for that!