Add-on feature key disappeared, had to re-apply

I just purchased and activated the upgrade from 2 PepVPN sessions to 5 on my Balance one last Wednesday. This evening, one of the remote peers was offline for a bit, and came back online, but wouldn’t re-establish the PepVPN connection to the main Balance One that is licensed for 5 sessions/connections.

After disabling and attempting to re-enable the PepVPN connection defined on this box, it popped up and said I could only have a maximum of 2 PepVPN sessions as a license limit. It seems that the add-on key was forgotten.

I went and re-applied the key, and was able to enable the 3rd PepVPN connection again and things are back up. However, I would like to know if this is a known issue, or if I can expect it to happen again. I don’t see anything at all in the logs other than the usual mundane messages about things disconnecting/reconnecting.

Please help download Diagnostic Report immediately and submit a ticket on this.


Done. Diagnostics downloaded, submitted with ticket.