Add historical bandwidth monitoring by client

I’d like a feature where historical bandwidth monitoring (Status –> Bandwidth) is on a per client basis, instead of just the present total router aggregate basis. If the concern is this may take up too much storage, perhaps allow the reports to be emailed or FTP’d off the router.

You can already drill down in the Hourly, Daily, and Monthly categories to see how much data was consumed by each client.

What is the application where you would need historical speed data of each client?

OK, yes, now that you pointed that out.

“What is the application where you would need historical speed data of each client?”
Tracking down what client on the network is using an unusual amount of bandwidth, which can be an indication of an intrusion or an errand application.

Recently, for example, I found a copy of the backup software Carbonite that seemed to not track what it had already backed up to it’s cloud storage, and so was consuming about 1TB per month of bandwidth by backing the same stuff up over & over, when it really should have consumed a tiny fraction of that BW. I knew about the aggregate BW problem due to the ISP alerting me, but had to put Wireshark on the network to figure out which of the almost 20 clients was the problem. If that happens again now that I have this Pepwave router (I’ve only had it a few days), I can just look at it’s records.

Thanks for the reply, sounds like the monthly report should work for you :up: