Add Extended DHCP Option - 156

Hello Team,

I have a client that is rolling out 30x’s BPL-210 and 2x’s BPL-580’s corporate wide. Their remote sites that all have BPL-210’s need the ability to add extended DHCP options for 156 FTP Server. This is currently not an option to choose from. Is it possible to add this as a drop down option or allow for users to add their own? If this is not an option do you have a work around for them? below is my clients email. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

“I am working on one of my branch level 210’s. I have Inbound rules blocking ALL and it is working fine. Can still connect over 443 so this looks to be a satisfactory setting for my Branch Firewall settings. I do however need to have each branch using a Custom DHCP setting for an FTP server. Our Shoretel VoIP system looks for 156 in DHCP for the following setting – ftp servers=x.x.252.219. I see where extended options are available but not the opportunity to add my own. How would I do this?”


Hi Mike,

For the DHCP option 156, may I know is it only the “ftpservers” parameter will be used in your case?
BTW, what is the firmware version are those Balance 210 and Balance 580?


Hi Noel,

Thank you for the reply. Yes, 156 will be used just for the ftpservers= option. This is for our Nortel phones which use dhcp, and then an ftp server to pull their configuration. He is on 5.4.6.

Thanks and please let me know if this will be possible to add and what the timeline to add will be?

I appreciate your help and look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the feature request,
This feature is added to our 6.0.1 firmware feature list,
and we will release a 5.4.7 special firmware to you on next week for the DHCP option 156 support.

Best Regards,

Hi Noel,

Thank you very much for your help with this. My client will be VERY happy to hear the support you are providing them. Please let me know as soon as possible when the special firmware is available. They are on a tight schedule for deployment and want to plan ahead as much as possible.

Have a nice weekend!

Hi Noel, Is it possible to provide me a time the new firmware release for my client will be available? His deployment of 29 units depends on this and i would like to help him plan accordingly as much as possible. I appreciate your help.


Special firmware is sent to Mike by email.

Thank you! I will provide feedback as this new release is rolled out!

So has firmware 6.0.1 been released yet? I really need to have this DHCP option.

Hi Beavis,

The Extended DHCP option 156 support is scheduled to 6.1.0 firmware.
May I know what is the “Balance/MAX” model are you using? We can provide a special firmware to you for pre-release review.

I am currently using a balance 210 but we also have a balance 380 and a MAX BR1 as well. I am hesitant to use a beta firmware as well but would be willing to test it as long as I can revert back to the current release version.

@Beavis, DHCP Option 156 is available in firmware 5.4.9. Therefore your B210 and B380 should have this option after you upgrade to that firmware. Regarding MAX BR1, we will add this in future firmware

Is it possible to add this option to Surf Soho devices as well? My company has 29 locations with either Balance 580s or 210s, which work great, but we would like a lower-cost option to give to individual users who need to work from home which also supports our ShoreTel IP phones. The Surf Soho devices work great for everything but that. I see that the extended DHCP option is there; if option 156 could be added we will be purchasing quite a few more of those devices, as that works perfectly for our needs.

What firmware are you using? Have you tried it on our latest firmware 6.1.2? The Extended DHCP Options including 156 are supported in all Balance, MAX, Surf SOHO series.

I am running firmware version 6.0.3 on the Surf Soho devices, and I do not see an upgrade available except for the 6.1.0 beta. Is there an alternate download source for the 6.1.2 firmware?

You can download it directly from our website: