Add DHCP option 6

very needed option for provisioning voip devices,

Also not sure if it needs to be new topic but want to be able to use wildcard to specify class of devices for DHCP as well.

Using wildcard to specify class of devices for DHCP? Umm… I know we are looking into allowing users to specify DHCP option number and then define parameters as appropriate to the class specified.

so lets say I have 200 VoIP phones made by AAstra and I want to be able to provision this and point them to right DHCP option but I don’t want to maintain MAC address list cuz it seams like wildcard whould be a awesome thing to have in such case.

But it’s not only that, printers, PXE, IP Cameras, you name it.

I see where you coming from. Same feature you name it here.

A handy feature this is.

we really need this feature. we need country specific IP block to be routable through specific WAN or SF profile.

any progress on this? This pushes us to use external DHCP servers which we don’t want to.