Add DHCP Option 125

Is there any way to get DHCP Option 125 (we need to be able to enter a hex value) added to the list? We use this option for our Mitel IP phones and are looking to push Balance 20 routers to all of our Satellite offices so that we can use a 4g modem for failover.


This is another much-needed VoIP feature like my Proxy/B2BUA request here.

I’m hoping for a custom firmware like I’ve seen them do for other requests like this… :smiley:

Guys, DHCP Option 125 will be implemented in firmware 6.1. We are wrapping this up in 6.1 beta. If you want to sneak a peep, please signup to the beta program at and you will be notified when a beta is available.


Do you have a rough estimate on a timeline for the new firmware? I would love to try out the beta, but the site tells me I do not have permission to access the page.

6.1 is going beta next week. Production release, a few weeks after. You should gain access to the Beta Forum area once registered at Which page do you not have access to?

I have registered for the beta forum area, but I cannot gain access to it. The link that I am given after registration is:

That is the page that tells me I do not have access.

Got you. Just a small hiccup in the system. You should be able to access the Beta Forum area now. Stay tuned for the 6.1 beta.

I just tried again to access the beta forum, and it is still saying I do not have access.

My apology, wingfiry. Please try again now.

I now have access, Thanks! standing by for the 6.1 beta.