Add BR1 uptime to 1st line in 'event log

Also if possible is there some way you can have the developers to show router uptime as the 1[SUP]st[/SUP] line as you look at the “event log” on the smart phone APP, yes I see router uptime under system but don’t like switching back and forth. I just love your smart phone APP, huge selling feature you have in this APP.

Sounds like we have been watching the uptime closely :slight_smile: ummm I can’t help but wonder how are we using the BR1?

We will be replacing all our current routers in our fire trucks with your BR1’s over the next 2 years. 24/7 available is everything to us. We can keep tabs on how reliable the units are by monitoring uptime, if we start to see reboots we can get the unit swapped out early before the crews start missing calls on their MDT panasonic toughbooks. So if the engineering team can add uptime in the 1st line above the error log , this gives us a perfect snap shot of how healthy the cell connection and router are without having to jump to other screens in the smart phone app.

No wonder we need to keep a close eye on uptime. This is mission-critical.

Router Utility is handy, especially push notification and the mobility, but there are other tools to inspect device status as well. SNMP - you can monitor all device uptime at once. And InControl - our free central cloud management portal that will allow you to see device status on a easy-to-use web interface. Would these help?

Would it be more natural to put the uptime to the top of of the device details screen? I.e. one screen level up from the Event Log.

The app currently supports sending a push notification whenever a device starts up. Would it already be useful for you to identify frequent reboots?