Add ability to schedule Dynamic Channel Assignment triggering

Please add an option to Balance AP Management OR on AP’s to setup a schedule for ‘Dynamic Channel Assignment’ trigger to run automatically on a given interval. Our building is heavily congested with other AP’s that dynamically choose their channels, and our AP’s seem to continually end up with the least desirable channels. I have reduced the available channels for selection and setup scheduled nightly AP reboots in an effort to help get us onto the least congested channels, however it seems to have provided very little improvement to our observed behavior. If I manually trigger a dynamic channel re-assignment when users observe poor speeds, our speed rates jump back up to optimal ranges until the next business day.

This is supported. Please find the screenshot below. Please take note channel will be changed only if no user associates to the AP.

Hey TK-

It seems this is only supported if you do not use the AP controller. When using the AP controller, that page (AP->Settings) on the access point only says “This configuration is being managed by AP Controller (” On the controller (AP->Profiles->AP Profile) the channel edit button has no “Schedule” option. So this isn’t really supported if you use an AP controller.


Hi Ben,

Our AP Controller will trigger AP to run auto channel at 3:00am every night if there are no wireless stations associating.
You suggestion of schedule auto channel trigger makes sense and we will provide this feature in firmware 6.4.0 which will be available later this year.
We would like to hear more suggestions from you in the future.


Thanks! I didn’t realize the auto channel happened automatically. Although, it makes sense that the one AP I have that acts poorly is never unloaded, so it never adjusts its channel.


Is there any way to trigger a manual channel rescan via SNMP write, or via API access? Why is this action ONLY performed if there are no wireless clients connected? The action does not appear to cause any interruption, but does in fact (temporarily, for 24 hours) fix our channel saturation issues when triggered. Our AP’s exist in an environment where there is heavy channel saturation due to neighboring businesses, and it appears many of them are only online during business hours. I have a scheduled reboot of our AP’s overnight @ 2AM, however the channels are poorly chosen during the reboot as the wireless channel utilization is not a good representation of what it looks like during business hours. We have several devices connected to the AP’s that their only mode of network access is wifi, but can be acceptably interrupted during evening hours. Which in turn prevents the automatic channel rescan from occurring properly. Can an option/checkbox at least be added to over-ride the “safe” behavior of only performing the rescan if no wireless clients are connected?


As mention by Lewis in the earlier post, we will have the requested features in firmware 6.4.0.

This include “AP Controller scheduler for auto channel scanning” and also the over-ride option “scan only if no wireless client are connected”.

If you urgently and willing try the feature, please open a support ticket here and we can work it out there.

Thank You

An additional thing I found during troubleshooting, is that when tweaking ‘RTS threshold’ to handle channel saturation ANY value other than 0 (Default) causes all of our Apple OSX and iOS devices to fail to associate with the AP’s. There seems to be compatibility issues between the Pepwave AP’s and Apple devices as far as “AP Advanced settings” go (both RTS Threshold and Client Signal Strength Threshold set to anything other than Default breaks Apple device associations).

Hi Matthew,

Seem like you have similar thread questionhere. Lets us work it up there.

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