Add a manual SpeedFusion connection to an Incontrol Managed Device


We are coming to the point where some of our routers are outside of warranty, and don’t need the features Incontrol offers for those devices. However, our home Balance 710 is using Incontrol2 to manage its SpeedFusion options. We like the simplicity this offers for new routers, and DHCP clients, and want to maintain the Incontrol2 on this router as there are over 50 connections alone to this device.

We would like to be able to manually add connections to the 710 for units that do not need the Incontrol2 access, and are outside of warranty. When I reached out to our distributor, we were told the SpeedFusion settings are All Incontrol, or All Manual.

Can this feature be added, or at least the ability to turn off the Incontrol option while keeping the configuration for all its current settings?


Hello infotelsystems,

This feature is on our road-map. I will reach out to the engineering team to see if they have an ETA.



Thank you Zach! That would help tremendously!


Hi infotelsystems,

Assuming you don’t need some of the advanced configuration options currently only available through the firmware, you CAN have IC2 add manually-specified devices to your 710’s configuration. Please see:

While this specifically refers to links between organisations, this can also be used to create links to any device that you do not have direct access to via IC2.