Ad blocking by uploading custom hosts file


Could we get the capability to upload a custom hosts file that the Pepwave Surf SOHO can use? I’ve manually entered some hosts into Web Blocking, but I would like to upload pre-configured hosts files found online to block ads.



Assuming if this feature would be implemented, what format do you think the “pre-configured hosts files” should be? CSV format with quote, or one domain per line?

You inputs are much appreciated for our review and consideration.

Thanks and regards.

I would say one domain per line, as that is how most host files are constructed for Windows and Linux systems alike…As an addition, it would be nice if you could link a URL with the hosts file, so that as they get updated, the Pepwave would download the latest copy when it started up and could download an update on a scheduled basis. Seeing how some of these files have thousands of entries, it also may be prudent to not display all of them when you go to the Web Blocking page in the router.