Active Sessions and Historical Logs Feature Request

I have a Balance 380 on 5.4.9 Firmware. Peplink Support indicated for me to use “Active Sessions” to see what are the current Incoming/OutBound connections are currently connected or utilizing the router. This is a nice feature and I am starting to make use of it. I think the following should be added (1) There should be an export button to export the current traffic based on the current Search Criteria.

The next feature is related to the above. I think there should be a way to look at or retrieve past traffic logs from a Balance router. I may want to to do research last week on a potential security issue. If the problem is one of lack of HDD space on the physical router for storing the logs, then this can be solved by first enabling “historical logging” and then have the specify a target server to push logs to on an automatic or time interval basic via FTP, SMB Share etc. Many appliances have this concept of backup-ing up system configuration to a FTP or Share (which your Balance should have, BTW :)).



Hi Team,

Two thumbs up for this request.

We have had several requests for similar functionality. This is an important feature for clients that need expanded traffic logging capabilities.

Mike Maitland

I’d like to see this as well. I would also add logging the WAN interface used.

At the moment I need to determine which traffic has been using by secondary wan interface over the past couple of weeks.