Active Directory integration

From an email sent to the Sales dept.:

I could not find a good way to ask for a feature. I would like to talk to someone regarding the future of Active Directory integration with your Balance 380. After many many years configuring networks I was seriously surprised that your device does not support Active Directory integration directly in favor of radius authentication. I would like to know why this is and if there is any road map for integration in the future?

This information is key to my planning so I would really appreciated a thorough response containing the following information

  1. Why is Active Directory not integration ( licensing?, technical issue?, another reason?).
  2. If there is a road map for this feature can I know what the schedule is for this?
  3. Do you have any other devices that integrate?
  4. Any other info you believe to be pertinent to this conversation?

Thanks so much for your prompt and thorough reply,

PS: I spent quite a bit of time trying to find information pertaining to this on your web site as to avoid this request for a human to actually connect with me but I was not able to find anything.

Active Directory integration would be a major step in the direction we would love to see. Active Directory would be very beneficial as assigning the groups of uses that can have varied levels of privileges to the device.

The Major Shortfall of the radius implementation is radius only allows for a Admins group access.

What we would like to accommodate is the ability to be selective in what different end users would be able to view/change in the router. To do this the router must be able to view the different active directory groups to determine if the end user has the ability to view something or change something.