Active Directory - DNS Proxy


We have multiple Peplink Balance routers connected with either PepVPN or a Speedfusion tunnel to our main office location which houses our Active Directory and DNS.

How would I go about setting the DNS proxy on a remote Balance router to forward all AD DNS queries to the domain and all other non AD DNS queries through the WAN’s DNS addresses?

Am trying to limit the DNS queries coming back to the DNS server which don’t need to be.



Not sure you can do this. How would the remote balance know the difference between a AD DNS request and one that needs to go to the internet?

You can set up DNS service forwarding to make all DNS requests go somewhere else (like the central DNS server), but there is no way to filter dns resolution so some goes to the central dns and the rest goes to the ISP dns servers.

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Guess you could host a DNS service externally in a public location (like AWS), forward all requests to that, then add forwarders for your active directory DNS Zones with the IPs of your central DNS servers.

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Thanks, Martin.