Activate Pepwave Max Transit 5G on Verizon?


I just received my new Max Transit 5G. My understanding is that it is not yet Verizon certified so they will not accept the IMEI for the device. This seems to be reflected by the Verizon website, which says my IMEI is not compatible.

I do see people have gotten it working with Verizon though. What is the best process? Do I get a SIM card for another device with the plan I want and pop it in? What is the best/cheapest method to do this? Or is there a way to force activation of the IMEI that I have?

I haven’t tried that unit with vz 5g yet, you might take it down to a vzw corporate store and see if they can assist.

By a corporate store, do you mean any Verizon store? or is there a special kind of Verizon store I should go to?

Go to Verizon store if they can’t help they might tell you if they are a franchise and send you to a corporate owned store.

I found on another forum that they should be able to activate using an internal IMEI that they keep on hand, or they can even just use the IMEI of one of the demo jetpacks they have at the store. Just have to convince the rep to help you out :wink:

Nice thanks for sharing! Is it activated and working now?
What speeds are you getting?