Action Required: InControl 2 Administrators Please Review Firewall Policy for Access

Message for InControl 2 Administrators.

As an administrator of Peplink InControl 2, we want to inform you that we have increased InControl 2’s capacity in order to anticipate growing demand. Additional servers will be put into operation in early January.

What action do I need to take?

If you are using firewalls to manage your Peplink/Pepwave devices’ communication with InControl 2, please update the firewall policies accordingly before December 31st, 2014. Otherwise your devices may cease communicating with InControl 2 after this date.

Existing server IP addresses:

Additional server IP addresses:

Outgoing ports:
UDP port 5246 and
TCP port 443

Related Knowledgebase article.

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Quick question.

I use the domain option to make an outbound policy called “IC2 passthrough” with algorith least used ( or priority ).

Should this still work?

Are the new ip in the domain?


hi AG,

setting “” as the domain is valid.
if you’re using outbound policy then just be mindful you’re picking connection(s) with internet access.


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