Act as DNS server & Inbound and Outbound ISP load balancing

HI team,
Our requirement that Inbound & Outbound ISP load balancing and the same device should be act as DNS server( like :A’ record & DNS Record should be configured at device instead of configured at third party DNS server) . Please suggest which device is suitable for our requirements

Hi. Sure. What speed WAN links do you need to support?

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As of now 25+25 total 50 MB ISP link speed. And as of now our customer application A & DNS record with third party vendor. Need to be remove all DNS & A record entry from third party and to be configured at peplink device accordingly Inbound & Outbound ISP load balancing to be configured.

How many users / devices will you need to support on average?

Balance 210 is the place to start for inbound load balancing:

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