Accessing WAN2 router from WAN1


I’m new in networking but i facing one issue where i from outsite want to access router WAN in peplink one of my branches. My branches have 3 WAN connection (1 MPLS-set drop-in, 2 Internet access - set dhcp from provider router). Im from HQ can access my branches segment no issue thru MPLS. Last week my branches have issue on one of WAN connection. So i want to check router setting thru MPLS. So how i want to check it.

you can’t do this easily because of drop in mode on wan1. instead you’ll need to set a static route for and via as the next hop.

Or get yourself a Peplink and build a tunnel from the one in your diagram back to the one on your desk then set an outbound policy on your peplink to send traffic for these IP ranges down the tunnel.