Accessing OpenVPN client behind FusionHub

I am trying to setup FushionHUB as an OpenVPN server for providing remote access to devices not connected through PepVPN to access other devices connected through PepVPN (see picture below) I am facing a routing problem.
From the OpenVPN client, I can reach all the other routers and the devices connected to them. However these devices don’t have a route to reach the OpenVPN client. I know to fix this I need to update routing table, but not sure where that should be done.

I think I solved my problem. Not sure this is the right way, though.
I added an outbound policy on the Balance20x from the Balance 20x subnet IP addresses to the FusionHub subnet IP addresses. Now when PC1 is connected, I can reach it from a devices connected to the Balance router.

That is the way I would do it too. If you weren’t on aws and had a LAN connected to the Fusionhub you could instead add a static route and the tick advertise static routes over ospf.

I may end-up doing this as the application requires super low latency. Hosting the hub a bit closer to the “clients” should help with that. Currently I am observing ~25ms UDP packet latency between PC1 and PC3.

PC1 is some sort of Edge Compute, so the closer it is from the other computers the better. I am also still evaluating Peplink for that specific application. I have used them previously also with real time video applications and I do have to say they are performing very well.

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